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MON-FRI: 9 AM – 6 PM

We facilitate the creation of meaningful relationships and results between doctors and specially qualified fitness professionals by providing Medical Fitness Services. We provide clients diagnosed with five specific chronic diseases/disorders (diabetes, hypertension, dyslipidemia, obesity, and back pain) access to a Medical Fitness Care Team of certified Medical Fitness Navigators and Practitioners that provide exercise prescriptions, nutrition education, and behavioral modifications. Our programs require a minimum 12-week enrollment to create a foundation for long-term, financially responsible success for the patient while demonstrating the improvement in health outcomes and decreasing the use of drugs and office visits.

HEALTHEFIT will recruit, train, and develop well-qualified fitness professionals to operate under one system as if they worked for a physician practice group. Trainers hired to work for the practice will be referred to as Medical Fitness Practitioners (MFPs) and maintain a high standard of service delivery and documentation within an electronic medical fitness record system. Providing services with this quality and consistency will make the medical fitness practice group concept more appealing to physicians and health insurance companies.

In creating a standardized service model for fitness services, physician confidence will increase as HEALTHEFIT provides medical fitness services based on physician referrals. This service will provide patients with access to a local Medical Fitness Care Team including a Medical Fitness Administrator (MFA) and MFP). Locations, where services are rendered, will be called Exercise Pharmacies.

HEALTHEFIT will market an interdisciplinary approach to counter obesity, diabetes, hypertension, and other such ailments, which are easily controlled through exercise and nutritional counseling. If we promote HEALTHEFIT as a solution to these problems that are widely prevalent in the US today, we stand a good chance to be endorsed by doctors and insurance providers.


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