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Rishi Mittal

It may be argued that the American “health-care system” is largely a “sick-care system.” The United States spends $4.1 trillion in annual health care expenditures. The largest expenditures in money, time, and energy are directed at curing diseases and treating chronic illnesses. Expenditures focused on preventive health and wellness care are small in comparison. American health care delivers extraordinarily high-quality care when one enters a hospital. However, more needs to be done to keep people out of hospitals.

diagnostics & treatment

The best Medical Fitness therapy & preventive care

We make prevention profitable for fitness professionals and doctors while saving patients out of pocket expenses.

  1. Patient Visits Doctor
  2. Doctor Prescribes Medical Fitness.
  3. Payment Verified – Insurance/FSA/Credit.
  4. Patient Starts Medical Fitness Therapy.


Physiotherapy for Professionals

Remote Patient Monitoring

Medical fitness Credentialing

Medical fitness Business coaching

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Ask your CFO if Exercise as Medicine is it right for you. 

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Improve your life by acting now

what we do

We provide top quality care

We appreciate your trust greatly! Our patients choose us and our clinic because they know we’re the best.

01. Progressive Clinic
02. Modern Equipment
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