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Attn: Healthcare experts looking to increase your revenue and positive patient health outcomes without putting in extra work!

Uncover the Breakout Technology that is Remote Patient Monitoring. RPM Minimizes Healthcare Efforts Through Automation & Enables Clinical Grade Monitoring To Make Prevention Profitable…

As a result, you get a system that helps you intervene before hospitalization becomes necessary while letting you monitor a patient’s health and increase your revenue…

Heath-E-Fit has partnered up with the #1 software developer for automated RPM technology to create a system that automates patients’ vital signs and critical report monitoring like never before.

As a result, you always remain updated with the latest development in patients’ conditions while they are in the comfort of their home.

On top of the continuous monitoring, you can drastically increase patients’ satisfaction by sending the right caregivers, nurses, and other facilitative staff immediately whenever the need arises.

Learn about how RPM technology is reshaping healthcare, and more specifically, clinics such as yours. When You Sign Up for the Webinar…

✔ Increase revenue up to $1900 per patient per year without increasing the efforts. In fact, the beauty of RPM technology is it minimizes the efforts and maximizes the results.

✔ A well-integrated technology that does all the heavy lifting for you. As it allows you to monitor multiple patients from the comfort of your office. You can check their live reports, their current health status, and intervene if they need your help.

✔ Easy to use content management system (CMS) allows you to easily manage 100s of patients at a time. As a result, it saves your patients huge hospitalization costs and lets you keep track of their vitals.

✔ When you keep a check on patients’ conditions, you can always make timely decisions regarding patients’ care. That reduces patient angst and increases compliance.

✔ Reduce hospital readmissions.

✔ You are never alone! Our qualified clinical team can visit your office and enroll patients or train your staff on using the RPM technology.

This RPM technology best works for small and medium-sized healthcare businesses, and professionals — who want a turnkey solution to streamline the processes.

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Integrate RPM CPT Codes in Your Healthcare System to Reduce the Overall Expenditure on Staff While Increasing the Bottom Line and Ensuring Patients’ Utmost Satisfaction…

It’s time to leverage cutting-edge technology for your clinic and unlock new levels of client satisfaction and revenue.

With the RPM system, you get to decrease professional burnout and total overhead while at the same time increasing positive patient outcomes and making prevention profitable.

Get to know how this technology can totally mean the difference for you by reducing costs and effort at the same time…

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